E-mail and Database Marketing

Using advanced digital, direct and database marketing techniques we have the ability to precision target your audience with your marketing communications allowing you to get the best return from your investment.
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Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customer and when done correctly, can deliver high return on investment. However, with effectiveness comes saturation so you have to work harder than ever to stand out in your customers’ inboxes.

At M4B, we have years of email marketing experience which coupled with our data-driven approach to marketing means we can accurately target your customers on an individual basis. We will use the information you hold about your customers including their behaviour in order to tailor your campaigns to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Campaign building

We will work with you to really understand your business and know your customers whether you are B2B or target the consumer directly. We will then create tailored campaigns to target the individual based on their needs. We create successful campaigns with the following:

  • Expert copywriting to ensure accuracy of information, the right tone of voice and the content drives the customer to engage and interact
  • Using your data, we will send personalised, relevant and dynamic content to the right customer thus increasing the likelihood they will engage with it
  • We can see what times are best to send your emails, again increasing the chances of customer interaction
  • We will use behavioural triggers so that when a prospect or customer completes a task, they will be sent a specific email campaign to follow up. Learn more about our B2B Marketing Automation or B2C Marketing Automation
  • We will build nurture programmes to turn prospects into customers
  • Once you have a relationship with your customer, we will build programmes to maintain and develop it, driving repeat business and encouraging their transition into advocate of your company

Technical superiority

Our knowledge of what works means our emails are built in the right way:

  • Our templates are loved by inboxes so you won’t risk ending up in spam folders
  • With mobile and device usage still increasing, we ensure our emails are responsive as standard so that your campaign always looks good
  • We always adhere to GDPR so you won’t have any legal worries or risk being blocked by email service providers
  • We offer A/B testing to ensure we are continually improving your designs and messaging to get the most out of them
  • We integrate with Google Analytics for advanced reporting. This will enable us to track your users’ journey, see where the successes are and make recommendations to improve your email marketing going forward

Creating emails that sell

We use the most effective marketing systems, and with our expert knowledge, this will ensure that your marketing communications will give you the best rates of engagement. From creating the concepts to building the campaigns, running them and reporting on them.

We offer a fully-managed service to give you peace of mind. Alternatively, we offer setup, implementation and training if you prefer to manage your email campaigns in-house. Whatever your requirements, at M4B we have the skills to help so get in touch with us today.

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