Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Combining customer behaviour with data and to create relevant communications in real-time.
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud email marketing automation is a tool that modernises your marketing to enable you to connect with your customers better than ever before.

Today’s customer demands increasingly more targeted and personalised interactions with companies they buy from. They expect to be understood and the right service to be delivered at the right time in the right way.

In order for that to happen, your business needs to use the right software. That’s where Salesforce Marketing Cloud email marketing automation will help. Marketing Cloud will connect customer interactions your customer has with your business from any channel or device to understand their behaviour and their status in the buyer’s journey. It will then combine this information with the other data you hold about the customer to create personal, relevant communications in real-time so they receive the right email message at exactly the right time.

Key benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud are:


Every touchpoint, every interaction will be integrated into the same data warehouse giving you a level of knowledge that is powerful.


Put your customer at the heart of everything you do with a single view of every one of them. Personalise each journey to suit their needs.

Artificial Intelligence

Identify trends within like-for-like customer types to enable product recommendations before they even know they need it!

Superior usability

Create multi-channel campaigns with pre-built templates, the ability to streamline your messaging and manage your apps all in one place.

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