Salesforce CRM for Accountants

We help businesses grow by at least 20% with a connected CRM and Marketing strategy. Improve client relationships and automate business processes with Salesforce CRM.
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Salesforce CRM provides a complete CRM solution for accountants and contractor accountants to help you work more efficiently.

The traditional client/accountant relationship for accountancy firms has changed. In the past existing customers have remained loyal for years, with new business driven by referrals and word of mouth. However now due to a combination of financial pressure and the trend towards larger, multi-location accountancy firms, client loyalty is diminishing. Accountancy firms need to take a proactive approach to not only drive new business but also improve the management and retention of existing valuable clients.

Salesforce CRM provides a complete customer management solution for accountants and contractor accountants. The main features and advantages of this type of system include:

New business generation – CRM allows you to track new prospects and monitor all client interactions across the business. Having this visibility allows new prospects to be proactively managed by new business teams helping move potential customers from that first interaction to a closed sale.

Relationship tracking – Keeping on top of the relationships you have with existing customers will allow you to provide a better service to your existing customer base and help improve customer retention.

Know each client – A CRM systems will help everyone in the business know what each client needs and when they need it so nothing gets missed.

Bespoke setup – We understand that you will have unique workflows that suit your accounting practices. With a CRM like Salesforce you can map the system to your business processes rather than the other way around. You will have a system that matches and streamlines the way you get your work done.

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