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Marketing automation to facilitate your business growth.
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Email marketing is a great way to engage with your customers. In fact, email marketing still offers the best return on investment when it’s done right. Getting it right can be a challenge, especially for a smaller business who want to focus on what they are good at!

Today’s customer expects a more personalised set of marketing communications to encourage them to engage and interact with you. If you were to execute this manually, it would take up a huge amount of resource. That’s where Active Campaign Marketing Automation can help.

At M4B we are experts in email marketing and marketing automation. We will work with you to implement automated campaigns that not only target the right customer at the right time with the right message, but which are also built in the right way technically to hit inboxes and result in a customer reaction.

Active Campaign Marketing Automation can help you automate different actions including:

Simple Follow Up

Action - Customer Visits Website
Pause 1 hour
Email triggered requesting if they want to learn more about your services
Yes! = Lead assigned to sales team
No = Moved to cold/dead prospect list

Lead Scoring

Action - Customer opens e-mail
Clicks on link showing interest in the content. +10 points is added on the customer record
Once score reaches 100 points, contact is tagged as marketing qualified lead and assigned to sales team member for follow up

Targetted Communications

Action - Customer browses a certain type of content from your website
Receives one email relevent to that content
Customer behaves in a different way
Receives different email

Abandoned Cart

Action - Customer abandons shopping cart
Pause 1 hour
Emailed reminders about the specific product the customer was browsing to re-engage the purchase

Marketing automation with ActiveCampaign can reduce your workload and increase effectiveness by triggering activities and notifications at the right time for both the customer and your company. Knowledge about the customer gives you the power to target them with the right message in a timely manner and then allows you to follow up to maximise the relationship.

Automation, segmenting and targeting will enable you to target more effectively building stronger connections to ultimately help your business grow. 

At M4B we are experts in email marketing automation using Active Campaign and other platforms. If you would like to find out more or see how we can help, please get in touch with us today.