Salesforce Implementation

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Salesforce is the #1 customer management system (CRM) platform on the market. If you’re considering investing in it, believe us when we say it can transform your business if implemented right.

Quick start Salesforce implementation

The quick start implantation package is ideal for small businesses who want to quickly customise Salesforce to meet their basic business needs. A lot of customers who approach us for a quick implementation are usually using excel to record information which proves inefficient and as a result they are missing out on business opportunities.

Here’s what’s included in our quick start Salesforce implementation package:


  • Basic set up
  • Add individual users to the system
  • Set hirearchy, profiles and roles
  • Branded instance
  • Best practice custom security


  • 1 x AppExchange app install
  • 1 x Salesforce – Outlook setup
  • 1 x Web tab / 1 frame


  • 20 custom fields, 5 record types and 3 page layouts
  • 1 custom object
  • 2 email templates
  • 3 workflow rules
  • 5 custom reports and dashboards
  • 5 validation rules

Data Migration

We send you the format required. You format your data and send it back. We map it to SFDC and upload it for you.

If any of the points above don’t make sense, feel free to give us a call and we’d be happy to clarify.