Salesforce CRM for Charities and Non-profit Organisations

Take your fundraising and campaigning to the next level with Salesforce CRM for Charities and Non-profit organisations.
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Take advantage of 10 free Salesforce CRM licenses for non-profit organisations and charities

At M4B, we understand the unique challenges that charities and non-profit organisations face. We know that you’re always striving to do more with limited resources, and that you need to maximise every donation and volunteer hour to make a difference.

With Salesforce CRM, you can easily track donations, manage volunteers, and automate your workflows. You’ll have access to real-time insights and reporting, so you can make data-driven decisions that drive impact.

Salesforce CRM with the non-profit starter pack comes pre-configured to meet the basic CRM needs of charities and non-profit organisations. Out-the-box you get an end-to-end solution that provides a unified view across, all supporters, employees, donators, grants, partners, volunteers and your events.

We have worked with and helped various Nonprofits realize their strategic vision, goals and objectives, from Nationals such as The Silver Line & Lake District National Park, to local Youth Group organisations such as Streetwise.

“We chose Salesforce because it came with 10 free licenses and could be completely tailored to the needs of our organisation. Working with M4B was a refreshing experience. The transition from our old system to Salesforce was seamless and opened up so many more opportunities for us.”
– Nina Gopal

A leading CRM system tailored to the needs of non-profit organisations

With the Salesforce platform you also have the flexibility to modify the system to meet the more advanced needs of your organisation. Whether that be adding a new type of supporter to your system, integrating with your website or connecting with your accounting software, Salesforce is designed to mould to your organisations needs.

Nurture relationships and grow your resources

Salesforce allows you to open up communication across departments. Benefit from a 360 view of your donors, volunteers, members and other stakeholders all in one place.   Salesforce for Nonprofits continues to help organisations grow donor relationships – It has quickly become a leading platform for managing the donor life cycle – from an initial pledge all the way through to payment.

The statistics speak for themselves

1000’s of non-profit organisations are already using Salesforce as their CRM and a survey conducted by Salesforce revealed some great results:

  • 22% increase in funds raised.
  • 17% increase retention of donators.
  • 23% increase in engagement.
  • 52% improvement in operational effectiveness.
  • 70% improvement in data quality.

Core CRM features tailored for charities and non-profit organisations

Easily manage your donation cycle. We understand that every Nonprofit is different and so it’s likely that the donor cycle changes based on the donation type. Customise your processes, utilize workflows to automate e-mail alerts,  integrate donation forms on your website straight into Salesforce and leverage the power of reports and dashboards to monitor your fundraising efforts.

Donor Management
Wouldn’t it be great to have a complete view of all the interactions you have had with donors? Salesforce allows you log calls, emails, social media interactions and any other custom information that may help you nurture your donor relationships.

Volunteer Management
The Salesforce Nonprofit starter pack allows you improve your recruitment efforts, whilst also improving your ability to manage your volunteer network. You can schedule volunteer led events and shifts. Run powerful reports that provide detailed insights into your most loyal volunteers and much more.

Grants Management
Keep on top of grant release dates, feed into grant budget reports and demonstrate greater accountability and stewardship than ever before.

Campaigns & Event Management
Campaigning through organized events is a vital part of the mix when raising awareness and funds. With Salesforce you have the ability to track of successful your efforts are. You can tracks RSVPs, link donations to specific events to easily report on ROI for each and every event/campaign.

If you’re ready to take your operations to the next level and increase your impact, contact us today to learn more about Salesforce CRM for Charities and Non-profit Organisations. Let us help you make a difference! 

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