Pardot Training

At M4B all our Consultants have a strong background in Marketing and experience working with other organisations implementing and running Pardot.
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Pardot Training

With Pardot Training we can help your business to fully understand Pardot’s capabilities so you can use the automation system to achieve your business goals.

As experts in Pardot, we will work with you to understand your existing knowledge of marketing automation, your knowledge of Pardot as a system and what your business objectives are. We will then tailor a training programme specifically to suit you and your needs. 

pardot b2b marketing automation

The key to success with any marketing automation system such as Pardot is understanding its capabilities and how to use them to achieve your business goals.

What does our Pardot Training include?

We will cover anything from learning the basics of sending bulk e-shots via the Pardot system to advanced engagement programs and lead scoring. Your bespoke Pardot training course could include as much of the following as you require:

  • Setup – account creation and orientation of the Pardot system
  • Capabilities – understanding what Pardot can do and how it can support your business goals
  • Data – understanding your data and how to set it up within Pardot. Learning the differences between prospects, customers and different segments
  • Templates & messaging – creation of email templates and how to get your messaging right from day 1
  • Information capture – setting up of landing pages with information fields for insight or lead generation
  • Automated email campaigns – data setup via tagging, how to develop templates, setting up triggers to activate specific email sends to target segments
  • Lead qualification & nurture – how to score them in terms of quality/value, how to report on them and track their subsequent activity and conversion to a sale, plus their journey beyond the first sale
  • Reporting & integration – reporting from Pardot and integration with Salesforce and other channels to provide a holistic view of customer behaviour across the full mix of marketing activity

At M4B, we will work with you to define a Marketing Strategy that helps your business meet its goals. Get in touch with us to discuss your Pardot training requirements and advance your company’s Marketing Automation to make the most out of your database.

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