Automate Your Marketing Using Pardot!

Pardot is a marketing automation solution that helps marketers turn unknown leads into prospects they can nurture through the sales funnel. This helps improve pipeline opportunities and empowers sales to close more deals.

Why should you use Pardot?

  • Generate more leads and move them quickly through the pipeline.
  • Engage buyers on their terms with dynamic, personalised campaigns.
  • Understand each step from click to close, capturing true marketing ROI.

Key features of Pardot:

1. Streamlined Lead Management

  • Improve customer engagement and sell faster by reaching the right customers at the right time!

2. Seamless Sales and CRM Alignment

  • Allow marketing and sales to work as one, so you can sell more effectively.

3. Insightful ROI Reporting

  • Fully understand what strategies are working, and what needs working on.

4. Smarter Lead Generation

  • Send only the highest quality leads to your sales team, depending on their product interest and preferences.

5. Effortless Email Marketing

  • Create professional and on brand email campaigns that deliver relevant content to your customers.

Why should you invest in automation?

1) Visitor Tracking

One capability of marketing automation is its ability to track visitor and prospect activity across marketing platforms like your website, landing pages and emails. You’ll be able to see what people are engaging with, and what landing pages people are viewing.

2) Real-time Sales Alerts

Rather than having to track every move your prospects make, be sure sales have the relevant information by setting up parameters. Real-time sales alerts are automatically sent to the sales reps when a prospect is to be followed up.

3) Lead Scoring and Grading

Blended lead scoring and grading alleviates tensions over lead quality. It ensures prospects match your ideal customer profile before they are sent to sales for follow up. Scoring is based on prospects activity with your company, and grading is based on how good of a fit they are for your product or service. Customise your lead score/grade model to your business needs.

4) Automated Lead Assignment

Save time, and set up your marketing automation to automatically assign your leads to sales reps based on a minimum score and grade threshold. Assign leads however it’s best for you, and your company.

5) Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing strategy prevents prospects from going to sales when they’re not sales ready. By dripping marketing content and 1:1 emails to your prospects over a certain period of time, it means you stay on their mind. Nurture all leads, but focus on your hot leads.

6) Forms and Landing Pages

Within a marketing automation tool like Pardot, you can build custom landing pages that are on brand. You can even link your marketing assets stored in your automation system to use as downloadable content. Let your forms do the hard work for you automatically using completion actions.

7) Progressive Profiling

Long forms can put many leads off from converting. Use progressive profiling to shorten forms, with additional fields that will appear while they’re filling out the form, allowing you to collect the same amount of information over time.

8) Dynamic Content

Give your customers a personalised digital experience. Dynamic content gives you the ability to create these customised buying experiences by displaying content dynamically based on who is viewing your site. Tailor your messages to specific prospects and increase click-through rates and content engagement. Use on websites, landing pages, emails and across your website.

9) Email Marketing

Marketing automation allows you to A/B test your email content, create on brand email templates and preview your emails across platforms and devices. Create, test and report. Segment your audiences for further personalisation.

10) Closed-loop Reporting

Calculate individual campaign costs at any time and automatically have your opportunity data sync between your CRM and marketing automation tool. Calculate your ROI with certainty — and make sure that both marketing and sales are getting credit for their hard work. With closed-loop reporting, you can better understand where your best and worst leads are coming from, allowing you to prioritise your marketing channels and spend.

Interested in Pardot B2B Marketing Automation? Find out how we can help you with Pardot. We also provide Pardot Training Services for groups and indivdiuals.