CRM Workshop

Alex Askew

With over 14 years experience working in digital marketing, numerous national retailers, NGOs, PLCs and household brands have all benefited from Alex's marketing guidance across a wide range of digital and CRM projects.

Leah Derbyshire

With a 1st class Honours Degree in English Literature and over 5 years of marketing experience, Leah is able to produce well-written and creative articles that match our clients’ needs and styles and directly engage with their respective audiences.

Chloë Hyde

With 5 years’ experience in blog and article writing, Chloë is quickly able to assess the tone, audience and aims of various clients and employs these skills on a daily basis to achieve effective and fitting results.

Matt Haigh

With almost 20 years experience of writing for private and public sector clients, Matt is a trained journalist with an extensive content marketing and trade PR background.