M4B Achieve Microsoft Advertising Partnership!

After actively working with Bing advertising for some time we are delighted to be awarded Microsoft Advertising Partner status. This new Partner status is recognition from Microsoft of our dedication to digital marketing and highlights M4B as a competent and qualified advertiser on Bing Ads.

microsoft advertising partner

What Does Being A Microsoft Advertising Partner Mean?

As a marketing agency, we have worked on Bing Ads for several years, offering search, display and shopping campaigns to our wide range of clients. 

Bing Ads allows clients to reach millions of potential customers through their ads and provides access to advanced marketing features such as advert extensions, location targeting and demographic targeting all of which help to drive targeted leads and conversions. 

As a Microsoft Advertising Partner we have demonstrated our competence as Bing advertisers and in return will reap the benefit of a close relationship with Microsoft to ensure we continue to learn and grow as advertisers in order to help our clients reach their goals.

As the Microsoft Advertising partner portal states: the Bing Partner Program “is a relationship between Bing and the most competent and qualified partners in the advertising industry to ensure our current and future clients exceed in their goals.”

As Bing partners, we look forward to enhancing our Bing Ads certifications and knowledge in order to grow our Bing Advertising base and better serve our clients in this are.