Further Client Success For M4B With Pro Economy Marketing Win

\Digital and Salesforce.com development agency M4B have been selected as suppliers of digital marketing services for Pro Economy, a leading provider of water treatment solutions.

The recent appointment follows M4B’s recent team expansion. M4B statement:

We are delighted to be working with a company like Pro Economy. They have a great product, a story to tell and a team that have bags of enthusiasm.

We’re finding that more and more clients are bridging the gap between their CRM and their Marketing strategies, just take a look at the growth of marketing automation, for instance.

More firms are looking for ways to improve their sales pipelines through smarter marketing techniques. Integrations between analytical tools, social media platforms and CRM systems like Salesforce.com is on the increase.

Our success boils down to good service, cutting out jargon, being proactive and delivering results for clients.

Pro Economy’s Managing Director Byron Bedford said:

We initially took M4B on to do our Salesforce integration. They excelled at this and have deeply improved our business’s efficiency and company wide communication. Thanks to M4B we now use Salesforce at all levels of our business, from field technicians to client relations. 

We have been so impressed by M4B that we have now taken them on as our marketing partner.

Pro Economy’s Orca system is revolutionary for the water treatment industry. It has never failed to control Legionella, one of the deadliest water diseases, in a client’s premises. The Orca, and Pro Economy’s continuous research into water treatment and diseases, is a shining example of their dedication and passion to making a difference to public water safety, the environment, their clients and the water treatment industry as a whole.

About M4B

M4B, is an implementation partner of Salesforce.com. They help organisations grow their sales pipelines, streamline processes and implement effective CRM strategies. Furthermore, the company holds Google Partner status and works closely with organisations that require Digital Marketing services.

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