M4B Help Drive Ticket Sales for Hyper Japan Festival

M4B was originally appointed to manage Hyper Japan’s online advertising for their July 2016 Festival, and, following successful ticket sales, have been working with the company for their Summer and Christmas festivals ever since.

Thanks to M4B’s three-month marketing plan for the festival, Hyper Japan’s Summer 2017 festival has been the most successful yet, with another increase in ticket sales.

M4B’s Managing Director, Alex Askew says:

“At M4B, we are committed to delivering exceptional marketing advice and services, a commitment that has paid off with regard to Hyper Japan’s increased ticket sales and our ever-thriving partnership with the company. It has been fantastic working with Hyper Japan and we look forward to developing this partnership further over future events!”

Working closely with Hyper Japan and listening to their brand and event ethos, M4B have come to understand the festival’s audience and goals so that they can personalise their marketing campaigns to appeal to the correct target audience and consequently increase ticket sales and customer satisfaction.

M4B’s Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified consultants utilised Google AdWords Search, Display and Re-Marketing Advertising, in addition to installing adequate conversion tracking on the website. To target Hyper Japan’s audience M4B also utilised Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat Paid Advertisements. This meant that M4B were able to strategically control where ad spend should be allocated, in order to employ Hyper Japan’s budget to its maximum potential, consequently driving as many website conversions as possible and increasing revenue.

Hyper Japan acknowledge that their online presence is indispensable and say:

“M4B’s response is quick. When we tell you how we want something done, you present us with various alternatives, for example, a faster way, a budget-reduced way, or an approach to increase profit. We get provided with these suggestions in real time, so M4B are very dependable to work with!”

M4B and Hyper Japan’s successful partnership is set to continue, with M4B again managing the marketing for the company’s Christmas event in November 2017.