M4B’s Digital Marketing Executive Achieves Mobile Sites and Digital Sales Certifications

Expanding on her Google AdWords success, M4B’s Digital Marketing Executive, Leah Derbyshire, has now achieved her Mobile Sites and Digital Sales Certifications.

Both certifications demonstrate a sound knowledge and understanding of the ever-growing digital and mobile marketing platforms, a knowledge that Leah recognises as paramount to successfully managing business’ marketing strategies and keeping marketing relevant and topical in a competitive digital world.

More specifically, the Google Mobile Sites Certification proves ‘a strong knowledge of mobile sites design, an understanding of best practices and current browser technologies’, something Leah has demonstrated in her recent development of Wrea Green Pre-School Nursery’s new, responsive website.

Meanwhile, the Google Digital Sales Certification highlights ‘the effectiveness of sale representatives to sell Google digital solutions to businesses’, a skill consolidated in Leah’s Google AdWords and Analytics certifications and M4B’s clients’ successful AdWords campaigns.

These latest Google achievements add to M4B’s impressive range of Google and Salesforce certifications, all of which are a recognition of their dedication to the digital marketing industry and their drive to provide the best digital marketing solutions possible for their client base.

*Quotations taken from Google’s Academy for Ads.