Salesforce CRM Setup in Lancashire

Grow your Lancashire-based business by at least 20%
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Grow your business by 20% with Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM experts based in Lancashire

That’s right, we are based right in the heart of this county so if you are looking for Salesforce setup in Lancashire, we are well-placed to support your business. And we won’t make bold claims we can’t live up to either – our proven track record of results shows we consistently help businesses grow sales by at least 20%.

Our approach is different to others you may have dealt with. That’s because we integrate our marketing and CRM strategies for clients to ensure they get a joined-up approach. Your customer relationship management works in tandem with your marketing so to us, it makes sense to have them as one.

At M4B, we focus on achieving your business goals with you. That’s why our consultancy service will be tailored specifically to you. We will understand you, your market and your customers and will create a solution unique to you and one that drives growth.

Why choose Salesforce CRM?

Salesforce is the world leader in CRM systems and with good reason thanks to its incredible range of products available. It provides companies like yours the ability to collate all your data into one place so you can have an immediate and complete view of your customer. This will direct your decisions in the right way, meaning changes you make will be based in fact rather than feeling. They say knowledge is power and with Salesforce, it’s exactly that.

Salesforce CRM also has other systems which integrate with it, allowing you to easily automate a lot of your marketing activity. Emails triggered at the right stage of your customer’s journey will help build that relationship with them. And we all know today’s customer expects to be understood and intelligently marketed to with the right message at the right time. And it all has to be personalised too!

Salesforce setup in Lancashire

At M4B, we care about marketing and customer relationship management because we know it is what makes businesses succeed. If you want to grow your sales, get in touch with us on 01253 730463 or email us at today to see how we can help. 

The Silver Line
"M4B facilitated with our Salesforce implementation. They ensured they understood the vision, organisational goals and made it happen"
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ICS Accountancy
"Working with M4B allowed us to understand how we could improve our existing business processes."
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Airborne Environmental Consultants Ltd
"M4B managed to get the system from day 1 to completed in 6 weeks"
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