Google Comparison Shopping Service (CSS)

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After the EU antitrust ruling in 2017, other online comparison shopping sites can now appear in the Google shopping results page after being approved by Google’s training and certification process. Essentially, the aim is to increase competition within the shopping auction, i.e, ensuring all ads are not by Google. Plus, most importantly, CSS solutions allow retailers to benefit from more competitive rates, reduced cost per clicks, increased impression share and overall increased return on investment. In fact, our Google Comparison Shopping Service, Product Bay, guarantees to save you up to 20% off your Google Shopping fees.

google comparison shopping service

How Do Google Comparison Shopping Services Work?

Our Google Comparison Shopping Service offers a seamless, hassle free migration to Google CSS that involves no changes to the way you currently manage your product listings and ads. Our expert shopping team are on hand to offer advice and support alongside regular reports that allow you to measure the performance improvement gained from using the new CSS format.

Plus, you would have access to Product Bay, our Google-approved comparison shopping site that lists your products and directs straight to your website for no extra cost.


How long does it take to transfer to a Google CSS?

Around 2-3 working days

Do Google Comparison Shopping Services affect the way I manage my shopping campaigns?

No. The way your manage your shopping campaigns will not change. All activity is managed through your existing Google merchant centre and Google Ads account.

Will my shopping ads change?

Your product name, image, price, ratings and brand will all stay the same. The only change is that the ‘by Google’ link changes to ‘by Product Bay’ and links to the Product Bay site to compare products.

Will there be any downtime with my campaigns?

No. There will be no impact to your campaigns or ads when switching to the new CSS format.

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