Business Analysis: Your first step towards future success


Taking a step back to analyse your business is the first step any organisation must take in order to plan for future success.

wHY M4B?

Our Business Analysts will work closely with key stakeholders within your organisation in order to  provide an impartial view of your business strengths, weaknesses, potential opportunities and threats.

Often, many businesses have the same issues; some of which hinder the growth of a business. In our experience some of these typical ‘growth hurdles’ include unscaleable processes that are inefficient, a poor marketing strategy, organisation culture issues, outdated technology and poor data quality. 

What does business analysis involve?



It’s not uncommon for a business to have pain points. These are often the things that typically impede the growth of the business. Often, certain pain points are overlooked and become ‘just the way we do things’. However, eliminating them can improve revenue and profitability.

Here at M4B, our consultants will work closely with key stakeholders. We will identify inefficient processes, technological gaps and various day-to-day challenges.

No matter how insignificant a pain point may seem, it can make the difference between winning and loosing; by winning we mean competitive advantage and increased sales. We will work with you to establish feasible and sustainable solutions which will aid your future growth

Data Quality Analysis

Answer these three questions:

  1. Can you make informed business decisions with the data you have currently?

  2. Is your sales data quality good enough? (i.e. do you have satisfactory conversion rates?)

  3. Do you have a data management strategy?

If you answered no the any of the above, one of our data management consultants can help.

The quality of your data is critical to your business success. At M4B, we analyse the quality of the data that you hold. We assess if you are collecting the right type of data and help you develop an effective data management strategy.

‘As is’ vs. ‘to be’ Analysis

A crucial part of our business analysis process involves establishing your current way of working (As is).

Our people will conduct a review of your existing processes, working with you to understand the technology you are currently using, the teams involved, the way in which your business is structured and how it operates.

Documenting your current business state provides an essential foundation for building new, time saving and profitable enhancements / improvements. 

As part of this service you will be provided with all the process maps developed within our scoping session too. 

The next step is to establish the preferred processes, operations and technologies. Our consultants will work with you to establish a realistic set of objectives, recommendations and plan for positive change.

New Technology Implementation

We have a wealth of experience in successfully rolling out new systems. Whether you are looking to implement a new CRM system (e.g. Salesforce) or perhaps you’re looking to integrate two systems together for improved reporting and business efficiency. 

Our people will also assist you in the transition period through training and support, ensuring that your project is delivered  seamlessly.

User Story Definition

A user story provides an overview of a specific requirement that a user must complete. These stories are created through speaking with key stakeholders and reviewed to ensure all aspects of the requirements are explored.

Our clients say

"M4B are an excellent partner to work with. Nothing is too much to ask. Gerry and Rebecca are very knowledgeable and always find a solution for anything we need."
Dominic Graham
Gas Tag - Project Manager
"M4B spend considerable time understanding our very specific requirements and work closely with the project team to prioritise project deliverables in a realistic timeframe."
University of Cumbria - Systems Analyst
"We have been working closely with M4B for the last 3 years. We have transformed our business processes, sales performance and field service management. I highly recommend M4B and their expertise.
Byron bedford
Proeconomy - CEO
"We were looking for someone to help us out and i have to say M4B have been great. They ask lots of relevant questions and we are very grateful for their on-going help."
Ian andrews
AEC - Head of Sales