Tracking Emails in Salesforce

Let’s look at a worst case scenario where the HTML email status related list would come in handy…

You sent your service level agreement to a customer, however after just a month they want to pull out and stop using your services. It gets a bit nasty and turns into a legal battle with the customer being adamant that they did not receive your SLA.

Now, this may be a little negative, however using the HTML tracking related list for confirmation that the e-mail was received AND opened would go a long way in a court of law.

You can easily add the related list to either the contact or lead object by going to:

  • Setup > Contact (or Leads)> Page Layouts
  • Now under the related list field category select ‘HTML email status’ and drag it into your page layout
  • Click save

It’s also useful for Salesforce users who want to see whether contacts or leads are actually opening their emails.

Insightful information such as the date the email was first and last opened as well as the total number of times it was opened.