How to Drive Quality Leads with Google Ads

A good lead generation journey involves finding high-quality leads and transforming these leads into loyal customers.

Improve Lead Quality

Focus on improving lead quality, and you will, in turn, improve your return on ad spend, close more sales and reduce the overall cost of processing leads.

  • 70% of lead generation marketers wish to improve lead quality as #1 business objective
  • 55% of lead generation marketers want to improve the quality of leads and also want to improve the overall quantity of leads.

STEP 1: Measure quality leads

Measuring leads better is the fastest way to improve lead quality. But, what should we measure? Online and offline conversions, aka the activities that move your Engaged visitors to Leads, and then to Buyers!

Offline conversions can be measured for up to 90 days after the first click, and can then be imported directly into Google Ads. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of how each online click can drive offline actions, allowing you to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality leads! Leverage this with better bid optimisation.

STEP 2: Optimise measurement to drive quality leads

Bid to your most important conversions. Smart bidding helps you to target conversions that are the furthest down the sales funnel! How? Set smart bidding up to target those who convert more than 15 times a month and those that have a conversion delay of 21 days or less. Analyse the conversions you want to include and think about what primary and secondary goal is best for your business!

Choose the right bid strategy:

  • Maximise Conversions: Drive as many conversions as possible within your specified budget
  • Target CPA: Attain as many conversions as possible, while maintaining your target cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Target ROAS: Get the highest conversion value possible at your target return on ad spend (ROAS)

STEP 3: Discover new, quality leads

Google Ads can help you find higher quality leads, leads that are the most likely to convert. This is done by putting your ads in front of the right customers in the right way, with valuable contact CTAs. For example, Call-only ads, Call extensions, Message extensions and TrueView for action form ads.

Make sure to tailor your ads appropriately, you can easily accomplish this by using Responsive ads and Dynamic ads to make sure you’re reaching the right customers along the customer journey.

STEP 4: Convert new leads into customers

Keep your leads engaged by creating a great user experience. Think about appropriate call-to-actions, offering value proposition and providing a path to contact.

If you’re interested in taking your lead generation strategy to the next level, contact us today.