How to create a successful LinkedIn Company Page?

Your LinkedIn company page is a shop window for your business. It can help to generate leads, consolidate trust, generate customer engagement and target new prospects. Therefore, creating a successful LinkedIn Company Page is vital for your business. In this blog, we run through the basic strategies you can implement to create a successful LinkedIn company profile.

The Basics of a LinkedIn company page

The first place most people look when researching a company is LinkedIn. A company page can establish a foundation level of trust and act as a starting block to a new lead. Therefore, at the very least, your LinkedIn company page should include relevant, fundamental information about your business. Ideally, the six key pieces of content you need to include to establish a functional LinkedIn page are:

  • Company logo
  • Company description
  • Website URL
  • Company Size
  • Your industry
  • Company name

Adding these rudimentary facts to your page provides a starting point for a successful company profile, and, at the very least, provides another platform for prospective clients to find out more about your business and get in touch. However, to increase user response and generate more leads, your LinkedIn company page should be active and engaging. 

Establishing an active LinkedIn company page

An active LinkedIn page boosts your word of mouth marketing, engages with followers, potential and existing clients, helps to tell your company’s story, promotes new products and services, advertises jobs and helps differentiate you from competitors. But, what defines an active company page and how can you achieve this? 

There are no set parameters that define an active company page but there are some generic guidelines you can follow. Most company social pages are considered active when they have a minimum of 150 followers and post at least once a month, although we would personally recommend posting two to three times a week to really boost engagement.

Is it possible to post too much?

An active, successful LinkedIn company page is not necessarily defined by quantity, but quality. You can post as little or often as you like but if you’re not posting high-quality, engaging content, it is essentially surplus to requirements. 

Focus on experimenting with the frequency and type of content you are publishing and you’ll soon find what engages your audience and, perhaps most importantly, what doesn’t. 

Organic vs Paid LinkedIn Content

People can often get confused between organic and paid content and the respective benefits of the two. 

Essentially, organic content is seen primarily by your company followers but can receive a wider reach if your content is shared to your follower’s network. Posting regular and relevant organic content is a great way to engage your existing followers and clients whilst also testing campaigns before setting up paid ads. 

Meanwhile, paid content allows you to reach a wider yet targeted audience in order to bring in new leads for your sales teams. Paid campaigns include text, video, dynamic, programmatic display and in mail advertisements to allow you to cater your copy and creative for a wide range of placements and marketing goals. 

For more advice on both paid and organic LinkedIn marketing or for assistance creating a successful LinkedIn company page, contact our expert team.