10 Ways to Create Shareable Social Media Content

Why is it that a piece of content can be all over the web in less than a day with thousands of shares and comments, yet, your posts are receiving little to no interaction?

Content creation is vital, but few companies are able to produce content that internet users want to share. Without social engagement, content is barely fulfilling its purpose.

Keep in mind what may motivate your users to share your content;

  • Social approval: Sharing content can be a way to express your personality to a group.
  • Communication: Content can allow us to develop relationships with other people more easily and frequently.
  • Support ideas: Many will share content to signal support for ideas, views or beliefs.
  • Entertainment: Entertaining content like humour, memes, videos and more.

1) Keep it high-quality

You cannot expect your followers to become interested or engaged with irrelevant content that lacks research. Put in the time and effort! Think carefully about your headline and title to ensure your high-quality content captures user attention.

2) Do your research

Do some competitor research to help you understand why users are sharing their content, or possibly why they’re not. Consider their social media channels and note what type of content has got high engagement on each channel.

3) Keep your audience in mind

Ask yourself, before writing a post, is this something your audience would like to see and share with their friends? You want your posts to generate comments and engagements, which you could then use to gain an insight into your audience. Think:

  • Will content inspire your audience?
  • Does content appeal to your audience’s experiences?
  • Will it appeal to your audience’s values?
  • Does it validate your audience’s opinions?

4) Keep it simple

Make sure your users are able to get an idea of what your content is about from a short-medium post. Think fast, you need to be able to capture their attention and a ‘wall of text’ isn’t going to do that. Some ideas:

  • Two or three sentences per paragraph
  • Multiple headers
  • Summarise with bullet point
  • Use images or infographics

5) Create an incentive

Offering a giveaway prize by simply asking people to share, like or follow the page can create a successful ripple effect that more than compensates for the short-term investment in the prize.

You can also offer other incentives, like how Compare the Market uses it’s Compare the Meerkat site to drive added incentive. KFC did a similar game incentive: Colonel Saunders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken Football Challenge using Instagram.

6) Add value

Informative content is good, but, if users don’t find the information useful they won’t feel the need to share it with others. When content solves a problem or answers a question for your user, they will continue to come back for more.

7) Trigger Emotions

Some of the most successful campaigns went viral because they captured people’s emotions. Emotions have the power to engage people, just make sure it relates to your business, as you wouldn’t want it to backfire.

Capturing nostalgia is one way to trigger people’s emotions, analyse your audience and take them back to old memories.

8) Use infographics

Capture user attention with easy to understand and informative infographics. Content and information looks more appealing, and therefore users are more likely to share.

9) Exploit Trending Topics

Stay up to date with trending topics, whether they relate to your business, industry, audience or location. You should follow industry related news and pages, and then use information when appropriate. If you are a gym or leisure centre, and it’s coming up to National Fitness Day, exploit it!

Struggling to create your own content? Don’t be afraid to share, retweet or re-post another’s content, with your own message. Keep your social media channel engaged in a trending topic, and create related content when necessary.

10) Use engaging media: Videos, Images and GIFs

Videos in particular are becoming a very dominant form of online content. You have to embrace video and image as part of your marketing strategy. Think about how you can use these forms of media to your advantage.